Research Software

These pieces of software are connected to my publications and hopefully help to reproduce results.

SGNMT (2016)

SGNMT is an open-source framework for neural machine translation (NMT). The tool provides a flexible platform which allows pairing NMT with various other models such as language models, length models, or bag2seq models. It supports rescoring both n-best lists and lattice rescoring. A wide variety of search strategies is available for complex decoding problems. SGNMT is compatible with Blocks/Theano and TensorFlow.

PrepOCRessor (2015)

PrepOCRessor is a tool for preprocessing document images for optical character recognition. The tool follows the pipeline paradigm in Unix-like operating systems: A set of image processing operations is chained such that the output of each operation serves as input to the next one. The tool supports batch processing for high parallelism and scalability. PrepOCRessor is intended to be used in combination with the recognition toolkit Kaldi and supports file formats for feature sets (.ark,t) and forced-alignments (.al) for a seamless integration.

PISA (2012)

PISA is a tool for cross-lingual word-to-phoneme alignment and implements the alignment model Model 3P.

Semantic Graph (2010)

Semantic Graph is a browser application for visualizing Open Linked Data. I developed this project working as student assistant of AIFB at KIT.

celmac (2007)

celmac is a powerful simulator for two-dimensional cellular automata. The global function which determines the next state of each cell can be written by the user via a simple programming language.