Other Publications

These publications result from homeworks or final projects at the university. Assume that following documents are published under the GNU General Public License V3 if its is not specified else wise.

Guided Neural Machine Translation (2016)

The area of machine translation (MT) studies the automatic translation from one natural language to another. Count-based statistical models have been dominating open domain MT for the last decades. For the last few years, however, the field is experiencing a clear shift towards neural machine translation which carries out the translation by using a single neural network.

Towards Automatic Speech Recognition for Non-Written Languages Using Translations From Other Languages (2014)

In my master thesis, we study methods to discover words and extract their pronunciations from audio data for non-written and under-resourced languages. We examine the potential and the challenges of pronunciation extraction from phoneme sequences through cross-lingual word-to-phoneme alignment which requires translations in a resource-rich source language.

Discovering Vocabulary of a Language through Cross-Lingual Alignment (2011)

In my bachelor thesis, we explore cross-lingual information to discover the vocabulary of an unseen target language. Starting out from a phoneme recognizer, we learn the alignment between the target language phoneme sequence and the source language word sequence. We utilize this alignment to group the target language phoneme sequence into words and extract from this the vocabulary of the target language.

Autonomous Navigation with a Quadrotor Aircraft (2011)

In the final project of the robotics course at the National Taiwan University, we address autonomous path planning and tracking in a 3D space using an aircraft. We use shape detection, object depth calculation and dynamic navigation planning to navigate a quadrotor through a set of rings.

Graph Theoretical Approaches to the Small-World Phenomenon (2011)

This paper discusses graph theoretical approaches to modeling and explaining the small world phenomenon. It arose from the pro-seminar Analysis of Social Networks [de] in winter term 2010/2011 at KIT.

4.3BSD Virtual Memory Management (2010)

I published a paper about virtual memory management in 4.3BSD in context of the pro-seminar OS Internals in ST 2010 at KIT.

SocialView (2009)

In order to accomplish the Software Engineering Practice in my third semester two fellow students and I were supposed to develop a tool for analysis of Social Networks.